D4 + Disinfectant


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disinfectation of walls , floors and other surface in poultry industry and animal breeding
direction of use : clean throughly the surface before applying adilution of disinfectant surface , materials and walls


Active Principle: ammoniumchloride + glutaraldehyde + formaldehyde

each 1 litre contain :
alkyl dimethylbenzyl ammonium chloride 60 gm
formaldehyde 83 gm
glutaraldehyde 40 gm
glyoxal 19 gm
isopropylalcohol 40 gm
C10 oxoal alcohol 20 gm
pine oil 20 g


Dose: 0.5to 1 litre D4*in 100 litre water
spray for disinfection with high pressure cleaner 1 litre dilution for 2 m
by hand spray 3m
Administration: spray for disinfection 1 litre dilution for 2 m2

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