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Retail services


Our primary business focus is on poultry healthcare delivery. The company has over time introduced some pharmaceutical products of various therapeutic segments for which we are a sole distributor and have now become brand leaders in the Nigerian markets


We develop exceptional veterinary businesses by helping the practice owners build the skills they need to stay competitive and successful in the long term. We have some of the best professionals in Nigeria available, on call, to guide you in starting, growing or transitioning your agri-business
clinical service

Clinical services

Routine health examinations can detect many minor health issues before they become a more serious problem. Our veterinarians will check over your animal to ensure they do not have any heart, lung, eye, ear, or mouth issues as well as ask you a number of questions to better assess your pets overall health.


We offer a variety of grooming services for dogs and cats of all breed. Our dedicated safety certified pet stylists are always available to provide hands on care for your pet to make them look and feel great!
10 Life Hacks for your Dog (Tips to help you save)

10 Life Hacks for your Dog (Tips to help you save)

Having a dog as your co-pilot can be both challenging and rewarding, not to mention, It's nice to always have a close pal nearby to hang out with. This week, we put together 11 awesome dog hacks to help give your puppy dog a better life and make things easier on you....

Re-starting our fish pond

We've taken the leap again to restart our fish pond which was once producing over 20,000 table size catfish monthly. I'm very excited to begin this journey again

Running with your pet

You'll be hard-pressed to find a better running partner than your canine companion. He's never late, doesn't complain, always keeps pace and bursts with excitement at the sight of your running shoes. But running or jogging with your dog comes with its own set of...

How to Select the Right Pet Carrier

No matter what kind of companion animal you have, at some point they'll need to be transported somewhere. And no matter whether it's to another city or just down the road, for safety's sake they should always be put in a pet carrier unless they are restrained in a dog...

Riding in a car with your dog

Who doesn't know at least one dog who instantly rockets himself into a fit of excitement upon hearing his owners mention going for a R. I. D. E.? For many dogs, the car is the magic portal to everything fun: the park, the pet store or the hole in the wall where the...

Are you travelling with pets? Here’s some tips

1. Start Early. If you're planning to take your pet with you on trips in the car, start early when the pet is young to get used to the routine. Short jaunts across town and back or easy day trips will get your pet used to the ride. A carsick pet can make the trip...

Buy Day-Old Baby Chicks online

Want Day Old Chicks? You can now place your order online. Free delivery anywhere in Nigeria