Sometimes we run into stray cats, on the way to the mall, or just outside the house.

Some of us are just conditioned to hate cats but we fall in love with their blue eyes when we see one looking malnourished and needing company.

I want to share with you five tips to help you gain the trust of a cat. It is not easily done as cats are understandably fearful of people they don’t yet know. This is due to the potential threat humans may pose. A newly found cat will hence need a helping hand.

1. Give them time: whenever a change occurs in a life of a cat such as a move. the departure of a friend or a new family member, it is essential you provide enough time for your cat to adapt to this new situation. it is also important to never make the cat do anything it doesn’t want to do. Forcing them to come out of hiding or putting excessive pressure on them. The cat will move forward when they feel safe so it is recommended to give them time and space. Pushing them too hard can put more distance between the two of you. Obviously, this is different in emergency situations or important times like a vet visit but respecting a cat’s boundaries will help you make them trust you.

2. Make them associate your presence with positive things: Your cats will be more likely to spend time with you if they associate your presence with something positive. If every time you encounter them with positivity such as providing food petting them respectfully or playing with toys, your cat will begin to associate these Pleasant things with your general presence. On the other hand, if every time you arrive, you engage them in invasive or stressful Behavior, the association they will have with you will be negative. Ensure your cat has a good time with you everyday and you will see that they will start to gain your trust.

3. Avoid punishment: Punishing your fury friend will cause your car to create negative associations with you and it will also increase their Stress and Anxiety levels, making them feel insecure around you or humans in general. The ideal method in educating a cat is to use positive reinforcements for good behavior. When behavioral problems do arise, look for the cause and seek advice from a feline behaviorist if necessary.

4. Playing games: Playing games should be a daily activity with your cat as it is important to improve your bond but it will also stimulate their mind and enrich their daily life. If you make a cat happy, they’re most likely to trust you. You can make cat toys of different kinds including fishing rods, human toys and toy mice. However, we recommend you go a little further and introduce intelligent toys such as Kong toys or those that can sharpen their mental and physical reflexes.

5. Give them plenty of attention and affection: Cats are always grateful to those who care and protect them. They can even be unpleasant in some situations.
However if you show them indisputable affection, then it will go a long way in getting them to accept us. You can show this with un-obtrusive kisses, caresses and speaking to them softly. Understanding cats feline nature requires you to be patient and constant in your quest for Friendship. This is essential if you want to bond with a cat and gain their trust.

In short the most important step in gaining a cat’s trust is to give them enough space, respect their feline nature, strive to understand their language and provide adequate socialisation. If we relate to them in a positive way and Carry Out daily interactions to strengthen our bonds, cat will automatically begin to trust us. In some specific cases you may find individual cat doesn’t make much progress, in these cases the best thing to do is seek help from a specialist. These include vets specialise in feline ethology or a professional cat trainer. Is there anything you’d like to add to this list? what advice do you think is most important? if you have anything to share leave us a comment.