Cat grooming is not for everybody it’s very dangerous that’s why you’ll find probably an average of 1 out of a hundred groomers knows how to groom a cat we basically undergo some minor training for the situation that we put ourselves at risk in and I say at risk because okay so what I was saying was my head malfunction in the camera and I’m eating before life before they come in. There’s not very many cat groomers matter fact when they when a client calls me they’re like oh my goodness it took us forever to find you some cat side groomed oh my gosh I should pull out this is huge cat Matt the whole body was matted it was a hundred miles a hundred and $50 groom it’s very dangerous it was very matted I had the parent assist it was worse than just a carpet it would have been matted and beige over and over and over for I don’t know how long over over a couple years I want to say a couple years I have never seen that cat again so I have no idea what shape it’s in now but I will pull it out and and do a separate video for this like at the end anyway wow so we’re about to groom a matted cat it may not be all matted but cats this is what I’ve learned whoever taught you may have taught you something different I’m not a full-time cat groomer but I will groom a cat and I know how to groom a cat it isn’t in my way I don’t like to do all these haircuts fluffies that’s a cat groomer like that’s all they do is cats like if you walk into their facility and they are cats not dogs you know you don’t want to mix cats and dogs in my opinion the dog barking and the cat freaking out you don’t want that so each book at appointment is going to be a private appointment here and it should be in your store to you also don’t want you just want to clean facility I’ve had a different story that was asked a lot of questions to my client just like explaining everything you guys and I ask you guys a lot of questions I think so I can educate and so I can share that information with someone else I might be going through the same thing that I hear about right so I’ve asked a couple clients at our cat cat folks and the other cats groomed and they were so unhappy and I’m like why and explain like they went into a place that all they had was capped but it was so dirty and I so why did you leave your cat there because the cat got sick right is it good is going to happen on the dog side to you walk into a facility you look around you smell you hear you listen you hear lots of animals you hear lots of barking in your cats that would like there’s a few things at a pet when I should be picking up on so be aware what I will tell people walking before you’re going to go make an appointment with somebody walking and get it or if they can’t give you a tour then there’s something wrong or there’s some in there hiding or there’s just something this is not right you should be able to see where your pet is going to be groomed and how safe it is and how dirty it is you should be able to see that I’m not speaking for other groomers they probably don’t like the fact that I just said that but in my business because we do minimal pets at a time I’ve one at a time or two at a time you can I will let you walk through you can walk the matter fact that you guys see his parents are always helping me groom their their aggressive pets so anyways back to cat grooming like a client told me she walked in and was nasty smelly it seemed like the owner was Horton are not hoarding cats but there was a lot of sick cats in their eyes all slimy shut things like that going on so he’s a person might be rescuing he or she might be rescuing cat whatever the case is your about to leave your cat there that cat was up there for like 4 hours didn’t even get a girl because she call back when is my cat done yet so know where you’re going there’s not a lot of cat groomers out there pick and choose I’m pretty honest I don’t like to do the Fufu cuts on cats I just do it we’re going to do a shave down that’s what you’re coming to me for I don’t blow drive it and I don’t cage by the cat so I allow the cat I let the cat go home air drying the knowing the difference between dogs and cats that’s just what I choose there’s a teacher that I took a class with a groom teacher and she does cast lots of them she gave me in her class I learned so much about cats and Cat bathing but I’m still not going to do that here we just are a little bit of a different groomer I will groom cats they’re mostly shave Downs very very very back a recently very very irregularly I’m I going to work with a cat that’s not getting like a shaved down so if it if we’re going to get like that kitten we’re going to get it used to grooming of course we’re going to try to implement bathing and grooming early on in his life so that we don’t have the aggression but I’m here mostly for matted cats aggressive it’s saying with my business. Business I’m here for matted dogs aggressive dogs that’s what I do that’s my specialty so when a cat comes in matted it is a very serious situation so I wanted to get this out to you guys I don’t like grooming cats on video I’m not I’m not going to maybe even have David holding the camera and doing that but I’m going to attempt to record this and here we go hold on okay we got dad assisting just to make the process faster and here we go we’re going to do a 10 all over on the stop I’m not going to just and I’m not going to even mess with trying to save hair or do anything like that we’re just going to go like this and I’m just a simple little right here just two fingers are really just right there and with a K you just want to work quickly you guys know how fast I am anyway but you guys want to you want to work fast with the cat this is a I don’t like it that’s why I don’t like it flap or I’m I’m ready for you and yeah this is seriously mad at you guys I mean this is not owe ya this is you this is a huge right here so you don’t take on a cat because it is like Saran Wrap and if you’re if you possibly can grab skin just want to just get what you can a little bit and then find her mats and work her under the math that you have to find her skin first very dangerous so CAT scan is like Saran Wrap so if you nick it a little bit is going to come wide open it’s all matted in here chunks of just and for some reason it seems like we cats when it’s mad like this it’s really pulling on tugging on the skin. Whole time I told him already I mean this is a prime place for me Tunica a cat and unfortunately it is what it is Italian my right here you cannot even see where the skin and the hair are you know it’s so easy to just grab all the skin so this is not heavy-handed is all matted in here I’m so sorry so they just adopted this cat that’s why she’s in the shape it’s just straight up like 3 days ago from the shelter so you think K Michelle Pena and I know what I’m doing I want to go there have to change yourself so if you have a hole when I can see the whole here if you have a hole I’m actually going to there’s no skin here I’m going to take that like that so I can have a little bit of an opening you can see here real close I don’t know if you can see this but you can see you can’t tell where the skin is here the mat is but it’s pulling on the skin real hard so that’s very painful right there and that’s most of her body it looks like on this side I am just got a bit in there kids have to pull the hair off here is how bad that was I can’t even like home in here I can get it in here I know don’t look at me like that don’t look at me like that going to do no problem skip back to this new comeback words not as matted get myself a hole so this some of this is actually not mad it’s so I’m going to do this and that create some kind of hole here so I’m leaving the mass alone cuz that’s going to take a minute I don’t know that it’s a big giant called Garfield a body make sure your you know cuz we don’t get lost in the hair you can’t probably see the body parts here oh yeah we got some proof that back here really smelly really bad that’s right I’m so sorry just been peeing on herself the whole time he’s not going anywhere they were saying smelly cat door you ready up there so sorry she’s not going to spray me don’t get mad don’t get mad I’m trying to help you out here okay she’s not going to go anywhere that’s probably the best position we can happen really nasty back here no no okay hold on I’m so sorry OK Google. No no God I know it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay it’s okay we’re trying to help it won’t take long if you fight it takes longer it’s all right I know it’s okay it’s okay all right let her do it we’re almost there. I’m and I am I’m hurrying up she’s trying she’s she’s doing good you got to stay still or she’s going to get you don’t run in the NICU you got to stay still yeah is that a State School what are you doing baby Punch Out breaker it’s okay she’s trying to help you got to stay here like this I need another set of hands and that’s all you can look that way you don’t have to actually look at her butt and smell that they come in here. What’s your fingers here I’m actually not caring about how pretty this looks I just want to get it off and be able to get into this matter that area because that’s going to take our longer but everything is not as this is just really bad over there yeah let me know when they got it is she was just as such in bad shape that week had to get ran as fast as we could cuz I know she’s in pain too with all the mat there’s a skin flap here if you want to watch that I just changed my flight on the wrong so I shouldn’t not be hot yet but be aware easy place on the maps on the tummy to get a nipple so you just try to be careful be sure to breathe out here in the breed at all though I need to know what you want I know what I’m doing here he have that skin isn’t working right there so I think if I remember right mom was like it’s matted under the armpit not in the sanitary look at this is the whole cat to who is a totally different story so on YouTube you guys when you’re talking to a client over the phone and not that I don’t believe people but I wanted someone says a matted cat it’s usually not just one little area on a cat has never been that what to me so when I called him I let them know hey it could be it could be higher if I won’t know until you come in so just be really clear with that cuz over the phone you cannot you can’t tell me that right through Lee hard to get the clarity over the phone what Madison is glaze for somebody close to him you couldn’t feel that it was not her. Crazy you want as soon as I put the blade closer to the body of the skin can lift into their so it’s really hard to actually hey babe you can come take over the camera if you want I’ve got the camera on the pedestal here you have to take it off with it by told us not to hold the camera and then put ice recording so I’m lucky I have all these people holding the cat but they could be really hard to do if they would someone else would probably say he should be sedated ice I’m a groomer that people come to after they’ve been grooming can you take that for years so I’m not one that’s going to say let’s get sedation because it’s so expensive and it’s so hard on the system right and if the cat was really aggressive which I have I’ve been at a veterinarian grooming on like this cat must be today there’s just no way I can’t I can’t even touch it you know so it really just depends on the cat for this one time hopefully will never be back here again I would Now or Never. I will never be back here again and to pay a hundred 50 hundred thirty for the sedation and it’s less the groom cost I think it was knocking it out might take longer but once we break through the math which we will this is where she’s really doesn’t look. Like oh mama I’m just going to come over here and try to come over here and just work on something else I don’t want to get her really pissed off yet cuz I have a lot more to do so I’m going to get the pissed off and it’s and later save that for later it’s okay you better get all the mats out open a chest of yours really bad just got to work your way around everything something you’re doing great okay okay okay no need to work some of those not familiar I need to create some kind of hole here which almost you to schedule you know it hurts so bad to be pulling on her skin now we know you going to feel so much better after this okay over the phone with the same scenario 2 days ago and I hate do you sell the Clippers and I said I do not recommend it if you were if you’re going to try to do not use scissors do not go in there and try to cut out a mat because if you don’t know what you’re doing and you’re going to really you’ll be in the hospital I’ll tell you what he didn’t come in for grooming so you don’t want to try this at home and it doesn’t update this is not easy you guys and you need all these people holding so unless you’re going to do the sedation. There’s no way I could have done it just by myself the cat would be moving and in pain when she doing really good for that she’s only just showing signs of pain you know she’s not swiping at me yet or anything like that so amazing and a regular another CAT will probably already be trying to kill me sweet baby is a different blade if they’re all we can all suck in their hair and here I mean I’m watching her paws I’m definitely gr she can really swipe my eyeballs if you really try hard and that’s a pretty fast to always watch what you’re doing okay I’m so sorry I’m so sorry okay okay okay I’m so sorry Legend okay but I’m working my way around the table up here with it making some Headway though I know I’m so sorry so did you guys when you got her bajor if you tell me who said no by the way Triple Triple C that’s what we were worried about is so that’s why we called in professional we couldn’t we didn’t know how do you attack it Humanities your hair like back in the 80s I had my hair teased up by 20 feet high you tease your hair you put water in it he is it dry it over and you’re not going to brush it out at the end of the night. It’s going to shave it out so I’m so glad you didn’t make this worse so we have a matted cat like those who do not bathe the cat hijab some kind of I can see the skin I can see the hair but I’m kind of pushing and pulling pushing and pulling almost like I’m using my Clippers or brush it out further so I can have more Cutting Room where I can see that I’m not cutting the hair on the skin woman is definitely painful for the cat hope she doesn’t bite my elbow right in her face we’re doing so good George Thorogood my blade is not touching the the skin of the cat at all okay don’t get mad at me here either okay, you guys are we as we are making some progress here these up here so I come in I and I need to trade places with you yeah yeah yeah sounds good rolling chair stay there I’m going to move this out of the way I’m looking at that going on with Josh I kind of I do this before my grab those scissors on you’re so bad just haven’t been there. oh yeah we’re getting there Jeopardy mustache so David I don’t know if you want to deprive you our video but you can come back and you know me and then come back again if you want to play it don’t matter to me just tedious iPhone doing so good you guys can’t believe it she’s figuring out the parts have been done feel better I want you exposing you really realize how badly were is doing the skin is not flat so I couldn’t even use the Clippers if I wanted to not does not in this matter anyway okay I know I know it do better you know he’s trying to get it up I feel so much better after this Richard Smith I actually have to go back and forth and see different angles and try to attack it from a different way will be there forever so most likely it a little opening I can see the skin on the other side then come from this angle not the best to use your blade back and forth but set the parents free and we’re working my phone a second here so we’re working with her we had some man just some serious Matt I saved one right here this sucker and I’m going to save this for my wall when I build it and I she’s actually letting us get it all done if some painkillers you hate it or tell shape I went ahead and did that because the stench I think would be great if not have that hair animal shelter hair with Chi and urine is just you can’t get rid of them are how often you wash wash Excel it does not hurt the cat to hold the truck but there has to be control in this situation so I’m holding Express and I’m moving quickly some math guy here still and trying to work out at the last bit of it I’m sweating I mean this is very hard work she’s wanting to pull back and jump trying to see how will I get this come on you got to let me get in here okay got to let me get in here I’m just cuz she’s fighting I’m just going to go backwards on my phone making math right there hi Dad I’m going to have you see if I don’t know if you can your mom and Dad are here they’re watching okay so I’m going to need to get tough my blade here so if you want to do just our fingers have to be out of the way and I really just worried about the mats here ear I just want the mass out because everything else will be fine I’m pushing down really hard he’s got the scrap it still very painful situation just got to move faster tell swiping she wants to attack suckers in there almost done with this tractor supply Payless I look at it this Matt you can’t I can’t do it like a dog you can’t just shave it out you know cuz their skin it’s folded into it out of there already I got it I got it I got it no no no no no no no no nope no don’t scratch yourself don’t scratch yourself Eleanor countdown I’m down Eleanor it’s okay it’s alright I went over there to finish good girl yeah you’re good man you’re a good girl annoying yeah yeah oh no it’s okay on the North okay okay okay Dad you can kind of really cool to hear you’re good you’re good you’re good you’re good you’re good you’re good you’re good here take a look at this look at this thing over here yeah your girl has a penis look at something else look at something else he has look at something else for me how about that pay attention is net yeah there you go let me see in there nice seeing that take a look at it for me can you go look at my here it’s over here pay attention to this thing yeah can I come here record on coconut I cannot hear your medicine yet I have you been at good good that’s good almost done thanks removing the hair for me yeah look over here almost done almost got it okay one more one more hear one more here oh my goodness oh my goodness he did that to you Richard Harris dude holy crap this is good for now. She’s not mad anymore check out the back here how tight this mat for holding onto her skin back here I got in without nicking a can’t believe how red they are but she’s feel so much better not perfect but it’s all the all the matted hair has gone so thanks for watching and will talk to you later