clinical services at phed agrovet
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Phed Agrovet Veterinary Clinic is a full service Animal hospital that caters for both emergency cases as well as less urgent medical and/or surgical issues. Our doctors and Consultants have a combined 25+ years in treating pets and animals.

If you reside in or around Kano State, Nigeria, then you’re at the right place to receive award wining clinical service for your pet.

Dr. Shamsudeen is an accredited Vetenarian treating all types of pet. With over 5 years experience.You pet wellbeing is incredibly important to him and


We offer following care for Dogs and cat:

vaccination programs

parasite control

Flea and tick – Prevention and Treatment

Rehabilitation/ Specialized Nutritional diets for dogs and cats.

We also offer:

Post Mortem services for all kind of poultry birds, Turkey and small ruminant animals.

clinical services at phed agrovet