it’s time to get to bed after a busy day at work and when you finally rest your head, you find you have an uninvited company in bed with you. it’s not that you’re unhappy to share, you’re just unsure why every night your fuzzy friend wants the bed down next to you. The truth is, it can be quite relaxing and pleasant to have the company of a cat, this is why we don’t kick them out of the bed. But do you ever wonder why they want to be there in the first place?

Well, here are just five of the reasons why your cat wants to sleep with you.

For the warmth:
cats love heat when it’s cold. doespite their natural furry coat, you’ll notice they are always looking for the warmest places in the house for some peace and quiet – near the stove, between the couch cushions or any drop of sunlight coming through the window. That’s why it’s not surprising your cat looks for you at bedtime – you’re a human radiator and they want to get comfortable.

Comfort over all:

Although they are quite playful and very active. they can also have a lazy side and can sleep up to 15 hours a day. Though they may lie down in the most un-usual places, they are obviously most comfortable sleeping in a soft bed. One of the reasons your cat sleeps with you, is for simple Comfort reasons

3. You provide security:

They may seem relaxed but cats are constantly on the alert and can jump away even with the slightest sound. The relationship you have with your cat could be very important. They likely consider you one of their family. This means that when they sleep with you, it’s a sure sign that they feel more secure and relaxed. If they let their guard down and rest by your side it’s because they feel very safe.


Perhaps one of the reasons your cat sleep in your bed next to you is because they don’t think It’s your bed at all. Instead, they think it’s their beds and they’re the one letting you sleep there. The positive spin is that your cat has enough attachment and trust you enough to let you sleep by their side .

I love you Yes, cats can seem aloof and independent but it’s often just of facade. The truth is they also crave company and will miss you when you spend a lot of time away from home. Cats tend to lie together in litters for warmth and Company. if they snuggle against you rub their heads onto you, lick you and sleeps beside you, it’s because they consider you as good as a cat.

congratulations you have the ideal relationship with your feline friend. But is it okay to sleep with your cat? Sleeping with your cat has its advantages and disadvantages. If your cat spends a lot of time outside or if you have allergies and it’s not wise to let them lie down in your bed however if they are a house cat that are dewormed and vaccinated there should be no problem. Infact, it will help strengthen your bond and It can help you fall asleep more easily and also make you be more relaxed and happier overall. Remember that providing regular brushing
Does your cat sleep next to you?
if they do, why so? Share your opinion down below in the comments. We love to learn more from our subscribers.